Buteyko Instructor training Westlake, Texas, USA

When: Tues 15th to Mon 21st October 2013

Where: Dallas/Fort Worth Marriott Solana, 5 Village Cir, Westlake, TX 76262, United States


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Buteyko Instructor Trainer: Patrick McKeown

Over the past 11 years Patrick McKeown has helped thousands of people to substantially improve their health by incorporating the Buteyko Breathing Method into their lives. As a child and teenager Patrick McKeown visited numerous doctors and specialists in the search for the root cause of his asthma. Year after year, his medication steadily increased while his symptoms showed no sign of improving. Simply walking to school with a bag on his back was an effort that often resulted in a bout of wheezing. In 1997, after graduating from Trinity College in Dublin, Patrick happened across an article about the work of Dr Konstantin Buteyko. Patrick applied the principals of Dr Buteyko’s methods and quickly found that his asthma symptoms completely reversed, allowing him far better control over his breathing with absolutely no need for medication. Not only that, but when Patrick learned how to unblock his nose, switch to nasal breathing and calm his breathing volume towards normal levels, every facet of his health improved.

After receiving accreditation from Dr Konstantin Buteyko in 2002, Patrick has spent the last 11 years reaching out to tens of thousands of children and adults who suffer unnecessarily due to the asthmatic symptoms of wheezing and coughing. To date, he has written seven books on the subject, including; The Oxygen Advantage, Close Your Mouth, Anxiety Free: Stop Worrying and Quieten Your Mind and Asthma Free Naturally. In addition to running workshops throughout his native Ireland, each year he is invited to talk in North America, Europe and Australia on the Buteyko Method.

Patrick’s clinics in Ireland ( AsthmaCare.ie , Snoring.ie ) are of the busiest Buteyko practices in the Western world. Training with Patrick provides a unique opportunity to observe and learn how he teaches his patients according to the original method. Watching an experienced Buteyko instructor working with patients provides direct practical insight into how the method should be taught.

“Following my instructor’s training in London, I have already started to apply concepts of Buteyko Breathing in my routine surgery to my patients when appropriate and am receiving very positive feedback particulary in cases of allergic rhinitis and moderate asthma. I am convinced that this method has huge potential in terms of cost and clinical effectiveness and importantly encourages self help. It is so good that following on results of clinical trials this method is now also suggested by BTS guidelines! Your teaching style was fabulouous,comprehensive, fun and most importantly very practical. Thank you so much for everything ! “



“Attending one of Patrick’s workshop is a real blessing for me. Although I have been trained in using and teaching Buteyko before by other instructors, attending Patrick’s workshop gave me even more confidence in applying and teaching the Buteyko method.

Patrick’s very cool style and pacing gave the Buteyko course a very relaxed atmosphere which is simply perfect for it. Also, Patrick had very good audio video and printed materials which made the course easy to understand. Lastly, I am very grateful for Patrick’s generosity during the course. He seems to be very much concerned for his clients’ welfare than he is about earnings or financial matters.

Charles Edward Florendo, MD

Course syllabus:

Buteyko Breathing Clinic training course concentrates on the practical application of the Buteyko Method. This is vital to ensuring your success. Please find course summary below:



  • Introduction to the Buteyko Breathing Clinic Method
  • Chronic Hyperventilation
  • Basics of respiratory physiology


Assessing the patient

  • Assessing patient and determining your approach
  • How to measure the Control Pause correctly
  • How to determine if your client is measuring CP correctly


Breathing Exercises

  • How to stop coughing
  • How to stop wheezing, stress and anxiety
  • Learn to work with snoring, sleep apnoea, anxiety and more
  • How to unblock the nose, relieve constipation and more using breath hold
  • Reduced breathing with varying approaches
  • Correct breathing during physical exercise
  • Breath holds during physical activity and sports
  • How to teach children using steps and reduced breathing


Working with the patient

  • Expected results from your patients
  • What to do when results are stubborn
  • Anticipating the cleansing reactions
  • What exercises to use with different people and complaints
  • Nuances to be aware of with different patients
  • Various approaches when sensitivity to breathing is poor


Buteyko Clinic: Caring for your future

You will receive the most effective Buteyko training and knowledge.

  • You will become an instructor in a renowned and highly reputable therapy.
  • You will be provided with an intensive training manual and reading material.
  • There will be continuous follow up support available.


We are currently seeking a partner to help provide Buteyko Instructor training in a number of states throughout the USA. If you feel you would like to become a part of what is the most effective therapy in the world for the treatment of asthma and other respiratory conditions, please contact us at [email protected]

Offering Buteyko instructor training from your existing practice will be a beneficial add on service.

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