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Daniel Rushton imgDaniel Rushton – Kiev, Ukraine

My name is Daniel Rushton. I’m a Buteyko instructor and Oxygen Advantage instructor who currently lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine – just a mere couple of miles away from Konstantin Buteyko’s first university – Kyiv Polytechnic. I studied at the University of Plymouth and completed a Cambridge English language learning course.

I teach the Buteyko method for those looking to improve their health, and the Oxygen Advantage for athletes and sports clubs in the local Kiev area.

I myself suffered for most of my life from the effects of habitual mouth breathing and dysfunctional breathing patterns. Being hospitalized with asthma attacks, suffering with allergies, anxiety, sleep disorders, poor craniofacial development etc. I am very aware of the detrimental effects poor breathing habits have on our quality of life. Since discovering Patrick McKeown’s work with the Buteyko Clinic in 2017, I was able to effectively treat my conditions, and was inspired to help others do the same.

With the training provided by the Buteyko Clinic, my teaching experience and my own history of breathing-related disorders, I am able to tailor the specific needs of each and every individual. I am able and eager to help others overcome their health issues relating to dysfunctional breathing, to restore mental clarity, productivity and a to build a feeling of strength, confidence and wellbeing.

Once you realize the importance of breathing from Buteyko’s principles and experience the changes, you will never look back, and you will question how this most fundamental aspect of our being has been neglected for many years in our societies.

I am available for both Skype/Zoom and face-to-face consultations.
Please see info below to learn how to get in contact with me.

Email: [email protected]
Phone No: +380 63 738 3585
Facebook: BreatheButeyko
WhatsApp: +380 63 738 3585
Viber: +380 63 738 3585
Telegram: +380 63 738 3585
Web: www.breathebuteyko.com

0B7uy58r1 0hMZXFCNjYyOG5FaG8Dr. Olha Kozyk – Academy Beauty of Health.

Dr. Olha Kozyk is a Certified Buteyko Instructor, Vice President of Ukrainian Association of Miofunctional Therapy, Member of the World Federation of Orthodontics, European Orthodontics Society, American Association of Orthodontics, Euro-Asian Association of Orthodontics, and Ukrainian Association of Orthodontics. She is also co-founder of Dentist Practice Smart Dental, a co-founder of a health developing centre, Academy Beauty of Health, and a founder of a research centre for dentists Correct Orthodontics Conception by Dr. Olha Kozyk.

“In childhood I was brought up understanding that health is the most precious value, that it must be cared about and it should be worked on. Having studied the most modern research and learned directly from some of the most outstanding health professionals in the world, I am convinced that they also support this truth. Unfortunately, due to our lazy human nature and pressure from pharmaceutical firms, most of us do not possess the good habit of taking care of our health. People tend to know more about the latest fashion trends, cars, cell phones, etc. than about their own health. Therefore, I decided that my mission on life will be to create a wide range of dental and educational services that teach how to keep and develop health so that more people can develop their health in modern life and share the knowledge with their children. Together with a team of like-minded people we have created an academy where we teach how to stay healthy and how to get even healthier in a modern life because it is no less important than to learn maths or a foreign language. The Academy Beauty of Health works with clients in both face-to-face and on-line formats.”

Please contact Olha Kozyk at 937-572-5909 / www.facebook.com/academybeautyofhealth

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