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Buteyko Breathing Instructors – Vermont

Michelle Hall – Montpelier, Vermont

Michelle Hall is a practicing Dental Hygienist and Myofunctional Therapist. Having received her training from AOMT, The Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy she learned of Patrick McKeown and the importance of integrating the Buteyko Breathing Method with myofunctional therapy. She enjoys treating patients of all ages.

She is an active member of AOMT, Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences and The World Sleep Society.

Contact Details:

Michelle L. Hall RDH Myofunctional Therapist
Office: 802.223.2244
Phone: 802-487-4686

A self help Buteyko Breathing course is available on DVD. The Buteyko DVD is the complete instruction as presented by Buteyko instructor and author Patrick McKeown. During the two hour DVD, Patrick instructs five adults and two children how to sucessfully apply the Buteyko Breathing Therapy.

The DVD Buteyko set includes 2 hour DVD, a detailed training book, CD and follow up support. The total cost of Buteyko DVD which includes shipping to anywhere in the USD or Canada is 50 US dollars. For further information including some free video segments is available from

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