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UntitledDorisse Aha – Charlottesville, Virginia

Dorisse, Registered Nurse, Health and Respiratory Educator, herbalist, mother, and performing artist has been involved in the Wellness Movement for over 40 years. In the late 1970’s in Southern California, she was an early member of the American Association for Holistic Health and the American Holistic Nurse’s Association. Her extensive medical background ranges from critical care/emergency nursing to lay midwifery and home based natural health care. She is a recovering lifetime asthmatic since having discovered the Buteyko Breathing Method and integrating it into her life in 1998. She teaches from a new paradigm of health – one of Wellness vs. Illness, and is involved in developing new health care models based on ancient indigenous healing traditions from around the world. She has traveled, lived, taught and published internationally and invites individuals to learn the basics of reclaiming responsibility for their own health via the Respiratory System, using breathwork, movement and somatic therapies. Dorisse is the founder of BreathDance ~ Wellness Through Breathing, where she facilitates breath and movement workshops, formerly in Sebastopol, California and Asheville, North Carolina, and currently in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains near Charlottesville, Virginia. She offers classes, workshops and public speaking events for ages 5 to 105, and teaches that Optimum Breathing is at the Heart and Foundation of Wellness. 1-828-450-5999

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Skype ID – dorisseaha

bobsoulliere imgBob Soulliere

Bob is a dad, husband, Oxygen Advantage® Instructor, Wim Hof Method Instructor, Crossfitter, planking enthusiast, and life-spelunker focused on optimizing what’s in our own control. He thrives on connecting people to their innate powers, to resources, and to each other.

Bob has been a middle school teacher, Peace Corps Volunteer, and cable / IT industry process leader.

His journey to breath work began as he and his wife sought sustainable, science-based ways to address and improve their children’s developmental challenges, including stress-management, attention, and allergies. It has extended to fitness, nutrition, and living intentionally.

Most important to Bob is that any lifestyle changes sustain the whole family and bring people closer together.

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Podcast: Breathe Your Power:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/breathe-your-power/id1456144791

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