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Sarah Barnes imgSarah Barnes – BA (REM LING), MIAHP, MBPI

Sarah Barnes is a fully qualified Buteyko Instructor, accredited by Patrick McKeown. Based in South Wales, she spent 25 years as a Speech Therapist in the NHS and always had an interest in oral and facial development when working with children. She retrained as an Amatsu therapist, a form of hands -on body work and practices in Cardiff. Sarah uses both hands- on body work and Buteyko breathing techniques to help improve structure, function and balance of the craniofacial area, neck and thorax region for optimal breathing and health.

Sarah took Patrick’s course and her life-long Raynaud’s disease (cold hands and feet) got better in just two months and she was inspired to become a Buteyko instructor. Sarah offers private training in Buteyko breathing both face to face and on line.

I am based in Cardiff and run clinics in Llandaf.


Website : www.amatsu-sarah.com
Website : www.iahp.com/sarahbarnesamatsu
Email : [email protected]
Phone : +44 (0)7910044835

dummy 150 imgJulia Somerville – BSc (Naturopathy), MBPI

Joanne West – BEd Hons; PgDip ASN; PgCert Dance; Dip BBM; MBPI
Email: [email protected]
Web: corevitality.cy4sys.co.uk/about-veda-vitality

Ross Richardson imgRoss Richardson

My name is Ross Richardson and I am a certified Functional Breath Coach in Buteyko and the Oxygen Advantage.

I am originally from Wales. I have lived in Mandurah, Western Australia for 10 years with my fiancé and 3 children.

I practice Jiu-Jitsu and i am an advocate of health, fitness and anything that can help our mental wellbeing. I have carried out a lot of research over the years which has helped me to discover the many benefits of the breath and led me to Buteyko and The Oxygen Advantage, it is through these that my passion has truely been ignited.

Learning the techniques that they teach has enabled me to improve mine and my son’s performance in our Jiu-Jitsu training and competitions and help other members of my family during times of grief, depression and anxiety. I have also been able to improve issues with asthma and sleep.

Through my own experiences and what I have learnt I am eager to help my clients become aware of their breathing and how to use it to improve physical health, mental wellbeing and optimise their performance in anything they do.

I am an easy going and compassionate person and so the courses I provide are made to make the client feel comfortable with a personal feel and tailored to the individuals needs.

All of my courses will enable you to stay calm in stressful situations by learning breath awareness and you can expect to make you’re breathing more efficient resulting in improved overall health, aerobic and anaerobic capacity, higher energy levels, and better mental focus just to mention a few.

Buteyko is suitable for all fitness levels, age groups and most conditions of health. If you want to improve your health issues and obtain better breathing for all aspects of life please contact me at:

Email : [email protected]
Phone : +(+61) 0439532211

lynn OwenLynn Owen – Wrexham North Wales and Chester

Lynn Owen has worked in the natural health profession for over 30 years, starting as a massage therapist, then completing 3 year training at the College Of Integrated Chinese Medicine in 1999 qualified in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, she has been practicing yoga for over 30 years and teaching since 2018.
Lynn has a great interest in meditation and breathwork, in recent years she has been using the Buteyko method for chronic sinus problems and nose bleeds, which have transformed her health and wellbeing, she know longer has nose bleeds and rarely has an sinus problems since using the techniques plus she sleeps better and has more energy, even wakes up naturally at 6.30 am, which was unher’ed of before buteyko! she has now completed her Buteyko Training, to pass on this gift to others in need.
Specialising in Chronic anxiety, sleep problems, sinus problems and anyone with breathing problems, Children welcome

She works in two clinics one in Wrexham North Wales and the other in Chester, zoom sessions are also available

Lynn offers classes in person and on line in Hatha yoga and breathwork/buteyko – Easy level classes for people who just want to improve their general wellbeing

for more information contact:
[email protected]


Nicky Roberts e1670361560409Nicky Dixon – Conwy

Nicky is a qualified Buteyko breath coach and mindfulness practitioner.
She has been practicing mindfulness and NLP since 2005 and cold-water therapy since 2019.
She is a keen supporter of holistic wellness and eager to promote the link between mental health and overall health, focusing on self-care techniques, nature therapy, cold-water submersion and meditation.

Nicky is a qualified parenting coach specialising in ASD and challenging behaviours, and she currently works with the whole family supporting healthier relationships and emotional wellness.
Nicky is keen to support individuals to be the “best versions of themselves and to be present as parents and partners”
Self-awareness and self-care go hand and hand with Buteyko Breath work and mindfulness, helping individuals to cope better with anxiety, depression, challenging behaviours and poor self- esteem. This results in better relationships overall.

” I have always had an interest in personal wellness and after struggling with my own physical health, I went on a journey of discovery and came across Buteyko and cold-water therapy.
I was already practicing mindfulness and this was the missing link. Discovering how to control my breath helped me control my stress response, enhanced my sleep, reduced symptoms of menopause and gave me back control on my own emotions and reactions. My immune system has improved as has my energy levels and health. As a qualified practitioner, I want to support others to experience the power of breath work and how it can positively impact and improve their own lives.

Email: [email protected]
Mob: 07796877662

skype image 1Upcoming courses in London with Patrick McKeown

Buteyko Clinic International is one of the busiest Buteyko practices in Europe. Patrick qualified under Dr Buteyko in 2002 and has successfully taught thousands of patients since that time. He has written eight books including The Oxygen Advantage, Asthma Free Naturally, Close Your Mouth, Sleep with Buteyko, Buteyko meets Dr Mew, Anxiety free and ABC to be asthma free.

Click HERE for Upcoming Courses in the UK

Email: [email protected]

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