Doctors Gasp at Buteyko Success

BUTEYKO breathing hyperventilation exercises in patients with asthma reduced beta agonist use by 90% and improved symptoms, according to preliminary results of a randomised, controlled trial in Brisbane.However, there were no changes in major physiological parameters...

Breathe Freely if you have Asthma

Asthma, as we all know, is a disease that prevents people getting enough air into their lungs, because the passageways close up. The trouble is we have got it completely wrong. Actually, asthma is the body’s way of saying: “You are breathing too...

Russian Technique Helps Asthmatics

A breathing technique similar to that which allows Russian cosmonauts to survive a long time in outer space is being used to help asthma sufferers in Australia and New Zealand.An Australian study has shown that the breathing exercises are successful, allowing asthma...
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