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Buteyko Breathing Clinic Practitioners – Finland

Sirpa Peramaa MA. Dip. Buteyko – Tampere, Finland

Sirpa is one of the first persons to be certified as a Buteyko practitioner in Finland. Her passion as a Buteyko practitioner stem from being a chronic asthmatic for the past ten years. In addition, asthma has affected many members of her family and helping others to free themselves from this chronic condition is her motivation. She conducts clinics in Tampere.

Tel: +358 50 305 4051

Marketta Manninen

Marketta Manninen completed Patrick McKeown’s Buteyko practitioner course in London in March 2013. She has been working as a breathing instructor ever since.

She owns a registered trademark Hoitava Hengitys HB® (Healing Breathing). She gives lectures and courses to groups and individuals all over Finland. She also trains Hoitava Hengitys -practitioners.

People who attend Marketta’s breathing-classes include both private persons seeking for non-pharmaceutical approach for their health problems and also health-care professionals such as physiotherapists, speech therapists and masseurs.

Marketta has previously been working as a practitioner of alternative therapies, such as reflexology, but today concentrates solely to her greatest passion, which is working as a breathing coach.

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