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Buteyko practitioner

Sirpa Perämaa MA. Dip. Buteyko Sirpa is the first and only Buteyko practitioner in Finland. Her passion as a Buteyko practitioner are due to being a chronic asthmatic for the past ten years. In addition, asthma has affected many members of her family and helping others to free themselves from this chronic condition is her motivation. She conducts clinics in Tampere.

Tel: +358 50 305 4051

Email: info@buteyko.fi
URL: buteyko.fi


Buteyko practitioner

Therapist of alternative therapies; reflexology, indian head-massage, shiatsu, Bemer-therapy.

Marketta Manninen graduated from the institute of alternative therapies AK- Luontaisterapiaopisto in Tampere, 2005. She has run her own practise in Lempäälä from 2011.
When her son received the diagnosis with asthma in 2012, she got interested in non-medicative and natural forms of treating his son. She feels being blessed by learning about Buteyko-method. She became certain this was something she has to learn and teach to others, not only to her own son, but also her clients. She took Patrick McKeowns course in Buteyko-method in London, March 2013. She now gives the courses in Buteyko-method for small groups and also gives the individual consultations at Buteyko Finland.

Web-site for her practise is hoitoraide.fi
Tel. +358 44 070 3099