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Elena Papaioannou began her research and apprenticeship with the belief that the human organization has the power to self-heal. She studied physiology, anatomy, pathology and was trained in Ireland, where she received her breathing technique diploma in 2010 from BUTEYKO CLINIC INTERNATIONAL. In 2011, she was certified as a Buteyko Method Specialist from CLINICA BUTEYKO MOSCOW. Her aim is to assist people to develop a new health and life philosophy through their breathing. She participates as a lecturer in seminars and workshops, the object of which is prevention, therapy, and well-being.
She also teaches the Buteyko Breathing technique to athletes, and she has a dynamic presence in the sports world. Moreover she is an author and her books “The secret of Breathing and Theseus” and “The Art of Breathing”, have been published in Greece. Learn more at Buteyko Greece Clinic.

“Breathing is the link that connects us with life. Our breathing reveals our emotions and makes obvious what the mind cannot capture”

Email: buteykogreece@gmail.com