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Elena Papaioannou began her research and apprenticeship with the belief that the human organization has the power to self-heal. She studied physiology, anatomy, pathology and was trained in Ireland, where she received her breathing technique diploma in 2010 from BUTEYKO CLINIC INTERNATIONAL. In 2011, she was certified as a Buteyko Method Specialist from CLINICA BUTEYKO MOSCOW. Her aim is to assist people to develop a new health and life philosophy through their breathing. She participates as a lecturer in seminars and workshops, the object of which is prevention, therapy, and well-being.
She also teaches the Buteyko Breathing technique to athletes, and she has a dynamic presence in the sports world. Moreover she is an author and her books “The secret of Breathing and Theseus” and “The Art of Breathing”, have been published in Greece. Learn more at Buteyko Greece Clinic.

“Breathing is the link that connects us with life. Our breathing reveals our emotions and makes obvious what the mind cannot capture”

Email: buteykogreece@gmail.com

Maria Milidoni
Maria, currently 47 years old is a Michigan University English literature graduate with further studies in C.I.T. Toronto Canada, who currently lives in Nuremberg, Germany.

She is also a novelist, author and is currently studying to become a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP).

She is a single mother and lives with her 2 sons, George and Orpheas.

She has suffered from severe, persistent asthma and various types of allergies, anxiety disorder and panic attacks for more than 30 years.
Excessive use of asthma medications, a frequent use of the emergency department, the significantly reduced quality of life and performance at work, eventually led to depression .

She quit her job and started looking for a solution .
Most of the time she spent researching was dedicated to finding complementary and alternative asthma treatments, most of which unfortunately provided short- term relief. Frustrated, she accidentally came across the Buteyko Method and what caught her attention was the fact that this one was a 100% non drug treatment Method!!!

Fully dedicated to the method, with conscious focus on her breathing, it took her less than 6 months to recover .
Within the first 3 months of practicing, her coughing and wheezing disappeared.
Most importantly, anxiety panic attacks and depression disappeared!!
In the words of Andrew Solomon:””The opposite of depression is not happiness. It’s vitality!””. That’s what asthma and depression patients lack- the vitality, the drive to do something everyday, the desire to step out of the numbness.
“”I am grateful to have regained my Vitality, my Breath, my Life!
I am indebted and thankful to Dr. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko for his great discovery!

Driven by gratitude, I decided to study the Buteyko method in order to help individuals who suffer from all chronic diseases caused by the Hyperventilation Syndrome.

Many physicians believe that the Hyperventilation Syndrome is invariably associated with anxiety or undiagnosed organic disease such as asthma or other respiratory diseases.

Ancient Greek thought early posited a connection between breath and life. The notion that wind or breath- “Pneuma”- accounted for the functions of living things persisted in philosophical and medical accounts of organisms, sometimes alongside the notion of an immaterial soul or “psyche”.

The Buteyko method teaches you how to breathe right, how to breathe consciously, how to master your Spirit, how to know yourself and eventually Love yourself.
It promotes mental health and self- healing.
Once health is restored, happiness, the will to live, and purpose are regained.
This is what I am here to help you with.
Know yourself, Love yourself! “”

(Maria teaches groups, individuals, families, athletes, singers and whoever wishes to achieve a state of optimal health and well being .)
She also holds Skype sessions for international clients in Greek, English and German.
You may contact Maria at:

Tel: 0049.1622.768364
Email: magiorfo@gmail.com
Maria Milidoni
Gruberstrasse 10
91207 Lauf an der Pegnitz