The Breathing Cure


Exercises to Develop New Breathing Habits for a Healthier, Happier and Longer Life

The New Book by Patrick McKeown — International Breathing Expert and Founder of Buteyko Clinic International

Published February 2021

    • 26 simple home-practice breathing exercises for adults, children and teenagers.
    • A simple, safe, accessible method to gently and consistently improve your quality of life.
    • Full to bursting with up-to-date research.
    • Whether you are living with chronic ill health, “just okay” or a sporting superstar.



    The Breathing Cure is Patrick McKeown’s complete guide to breathing.

    Mim Beim, Australia’s leading Naturopath and Breathing Coach calls it:
    ‘THE’ Definite Book on Breathing.

    Who is The Breathing Cure For?

    The breathing techniques in this book are trusted by Olympic athletes and elite military. But they are suitable for every level of fitness. Clear your blocked nose, improve your lung function, stress and relax your nervous system, prepare for performance/competition and more…

    For use at home, in professional or amateur sports, by breathing instructors, doctors, dentists, strength and conditioning coaches, singers, physical therapists, yoga and Pilates teachers, and anyone interested or working in health and fitness – from everyday well being through to sporting excellence.

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    The Breathing Cure is the new book from Buteyko Clinic International Founder, Patrick McKeown. It’s much more than just a book about breathing. It’s about physical and mental health and a better quality of life.

    Patrick is a world-renowned expert in breathing for health, sports, childhood development and sleep. His work has been published in scientific journals, and in well-known health and fitness magazines like Men’s Health. He appears regularly on popular health and fitness podcasts. His mission is to popularize functional breathing for the benefit of everyone who needs it…

    This book began with Patrick’s desire to raise to raise awareness of simple, natural breathing techniques that can improve the lives of people with asthma, high blood pressure, sleep-disordered breathing and suboptimal sports performance.

    This new book by Patrick McKeown offers a comprehensive set of simple, unique breathing exercises. It takes a deep dive into the scientific relationship between the breath and everyday wellbeing. The result is a practical manual of correct breathing for better health.

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    The Breathing Cure explores hundreds of research papers to find the connections between breathing and health. It guides you through reduced breathing exercises, applying the science in ways you can customize for your specific health needs and level of fitness. Patrick McKeown describes functional breathing from three dimensions — light breathing exercises, deep breathing from the diaphragm and breathing rate. He examines the science behind nasal breathing, and the connection between mouth breathing and disease.

    This new breathing book is not selling a “cure all.”…It is important to think of optimal breathing as an adjunct therapy, not a replacement for traditional medicine. However, the experience of many people who apply the exercises in this book, is that within a few weeks or months, they need to speak to their medical doctor about reducing their medication.

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    What People Are Saying About The Breathing Cure

    In this comprehensive book about breathing, you will discover how breathing correctly – light, slow, deep and through your nose – can lead to better physical and mental health, fitness and general wellbeing. But there’s so much more too:

    • Improve oxygenation to every cell in your body, reduce high blood pressure, lessen symptoms of anxiety, depression, sleep apnea, erectile dysfunction, lower back and neck pain, PMS and epilepsy.
    • Understand the connection between breathing and blood sugar control in diabetes.
    • Manage and relieve the symptoms of many common chronic conditions, support healthy growth in your children, and dramatically improve your quality of life.
    • Learn why nasal breathing is essential for good health, and why mouth breathing causes and contributes to disease. Discover why your breathing volume matters, and how your daytime breathing impacts your sleep.

    Perhaps the most life-changing aspect of Patrick McKeown’s work is the understanding that functional breathing is 24/7. Habitual mouth breathing is at the root of many serious health problems, and this is something you can change. The occasional deep breathing exercise may make you feel good, but if you can adopt full-time functional breathing your health will improve long term.

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    In recent years, and especially since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many breathing books and courses have appeared on the market. Popular books from 2020 include James Nestor’s excellent New York Times bestseller, Breath:The New Science of a Lost Art, The Wim Hof Method by Wim Hof (The Iceman), and others such as Breathe Well, The Power of Breathwork, The Breathing Book, Breathing and Exhale. The Breathing Cure book by Patrick McKeown is a significant addition to the literature about the breath.

    • Patrick is a world leader in the field of breathing. He has nearly 20 years’ clinical experience, and has helped thousands of women, men and children improve their breathing for better health and performance. His research appears in scientific publications including the Journal of Clinical Medicine. Patrick began writing this book in 2019, with the goal of introducing functional breathing to a wider audience.
    • Patrick’s 2015 book, The Oxygen Advantage, is published in 14 languages worldwide. It has a consistently high review rating on Amazon. The New York Times bestselling author and human performance specialist, Ben Greenfield, called it:“One of the best books that I have read this entire year…one of my favorite books in the world actually.”
    • The Breathing Cure features simple explanations of hundreds of scientific research papers. There has been a certain trend among journalists to dismiss breath work as a fad. Some claim there’s no evidence that breathing exercises benefit health. While it’s good to be skeptical when it comes to your own wellbeing, this book categorically demonstrates that the evidence exists.
    • For parents, dentists and children’s healthcare providers, there’s an in-depth chapter about children’s breathing, covering mouth breathing, sleep-disordered breathing, sudden infant death syndrome and childhood development.
    • The book dedicates two detailed chapters to breathing for women, looking at everything from menopause to gender differences in lung function.
    • The book includes research into Covid-19, the relevance of nose breathing, and a breathing exercise regime to help Covid recovery.
    • The Breathing Cure book discusses the relationship between the breath and your autonomic nervous system. Breathing techniques can be used to balance the nervous system, reducing stress and inflammation, and enhancing heart health and resilience.
    • The Breathing Cure will help you unlearn years of dysfunctional breathing patterns, unblock your nose, improve your heart rate variability (HRV), optimize blood gas exchange so more oxygen reaches your blood cells, boost blood circulation, regulate your emotions, stop mouth breathing, enjoy deeper sleep, better sex and more…
    • The book features case studies and personal stories. It includes detailed contributions from experts in HRV, diabetes, Pranayama and functional movement systems.
    • This breathing book is a goldmine of valuable insight into mental and physical health that will help you achieve your wellbeing, performance, career and personal goals. It’s never too late to improve your breathing. And this new book by Patrick McKeown provides all the information you need to get started.

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    The Breathing Cure,
    the New Book by Patrick McKeown

    Published February 15, 2021.

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