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Paul Brockman


Paul Brockman is a fully qualified Buteyko Breathing practitioner, accredited by Patrick McKeown and the Buteyko Clinic International. His experience in the Military Medical Services with over 20 years as an Operational Medic, gives him a unique insight into the benefits of breathing correctly. Paul was already familiar with the adverse effects of Hyperventilation.

His own asthmatic condition and the chronic asthma which affected his daughter, moved him to seek an alternative solution offered by main stream medicine. As a once chronic asthma sufferer, Paul has used the Buteyko Breathing technique to not only improve and enhance his own health, but also his family’s health and his many students both young and not so young.

Paul is a keen and active sportsman and coach who has competed at an international level, water sports and rugby being his passion and areas of expertise. Paul uses the Buteyko breathing technique to improve sports performance and teaches how to maximize the efficiency of breathing for sports excellence. He has worked with many sports persons introducing them to the enhanced performance afforded to them by correct breathing techniques.

Building on his Military training Paul established SES Electronics Surveillance specialising in Electronic Security and Safety systems both Domestic and Commercial. He continues in this endeavour as MD to this day.

Paul currently holds clinics in Dublin (Ireland) Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg South Africa. Paul will also provide enhanced breathing training for sporting clubs and other interested groups by appointment in other locations Paul has delivered workshops to community organizations targeted group courses and one to one consults with private clients.

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