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How Your Thoughts Determine Your Reality

Each human has an in-built film or memory that stores all of his or her past experiences, events and thoughts. Over thousands of years, society, propaganda, religious beliefs, personal opinions and experiences all contribute to this program. For most humans, their...

Never Breathe During Mouth at Night!

  A lower CP reflecting larger breathing volume will result in many of the symptoms below. How many do you experience? • Snoring • Sleep apnoea (holding your breath many times throughout the night) • Disrupted sleep • Sweating • Racing mind • Nightmares • Needing...

Connecting with Your Inner Body

Placing attention on the inner body is a truly wonderful thing to do. Western man rarely places attention on the inner body unless he is in pain. Seldom does he have his attention on the body when it is free from pain. Seldom does he experience the vibration of energy...

Exercise and Anxiety

    In my experience, persons partaking in regular physical exercise have better control of their condition than those who don’t. This section is about exercising safely and getting the maximum benefits from it. The importance of exercise There are only two ways to...
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