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The Importance of Carbon Dioxide – By Patrick McKeown

When we take a breath of fresh air into our lungs, oxygen passes from the lungs to the blood where it is picked up and carried through the blood vessels by a molecule called haemoglobin. This oxygen-rich blood is then pumped by the heart throughout the body so that...

What is over-breathing? By Patrick McKeown

Breathing can be measured in two ways: the first is to count the number of breaths per minute; the second is to determine the size of each breath. Normal breathing rate for a grown adult at rest is about twelve breaths per minute, taking in half a litre of air per...

A Foolproof Method to Quieten the Mind

    If you find  it difficult to still the mind by applying one of the practices, then apply two at the same time.   While reducing your  breathing, place attention on your  inner body. While feeling your  inner body, put your  senses on what is taking place around you....

Choose LIFE or Choose Thought

  We really need to choose life on a moment to moment basis. Keep asking yourself over and over again: are you wrapped up in thoughts or are you connecting with the reality of what is going on around you? It is that simple. Relationships and thought are a good...

Positive Thinking is Limited at Best

  Thoughts create emotions and emotions create thoughts. One feeds off and contributes to the other. You are feeling down and emotionally drained. There is a dark cloud over you and the emotional charge has taken over. You feel like crying. The more you think, the...

How Your Thoughts Determine Your Reality – Contd.

Watch your thoughts When you are asleep in life, thoughts completely take you over. You fail to differentiate between who you really are and the thoughts that take place in your mind. You accept your thoughts as totally true and blindly react to them. For most people,...
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