Buteyko Breathing Practitioners – UK

Buteyko Breathing Practitioners - UK


Chris Aspinall – Buteyko Liverpool

Chris Aspinall received his Buteyko Breathing Technique diploma studying under Patrick McKeown and teaches privately and runs courses in Liverpool.

Please feel free to call him on 07763693454 or Email Chris Aspinall at christopheraspinall70@gmail.com


Mike Aspland – Buteyko Swansea, South West Wales

Mike Aspland has been a sports and holistic massage therapist for over 10 years in Swansea and South West Wales, working holistically with people to enhance performance and healing chronic pain issues. As a CHEK practitioner he is aware of the benefits of looking at people’s problems holistically and is looking forward to using the Buteyko system not only for Asthma but also to help people relieve some of the many other conditions (including Musculoskeletal) associated with hyperventilation.

web: www.backtoaction.co.uk
Tel: 07974 715901


Declan Clark – Buteyko London

In the twenty three years since I became involved with complementary therapy, there has never been a day when I have failed to be fascinated by how the body works. I hope to never lose that fascination. I’m a massage therapist and Buteyko breathing practitioner. My aim is to find and provide the best natural therapy solution for you. I work closely with experienced colleagues across a wide range of therapies. So whether through massage, breathing or by referral to another expert, your care and positive outcome is paramount.

Website: www.innercoretherapy.com
Tel: 07946 536124


Maggie Cowan Hughes – Buteyko Bristol

Maggie qualified as an instructor of the Buteyko Breathing Method in 2012. She teaches in Spanish and English through online courses and gives Buteyko sessions in Bristol, UK and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Maggie has taught people in such far flung places as Nicaragua, Columbia and Denmark.

She trained with Patrick McKeown after her lifelong asthma got better in just a few months. Patrick taught her how to breathe correctly over Skype – from Galway to Buenos Aires!

Maggie’s background is in teaching and holistic approaches to health including NLP, holistic massage, aromatherapy, and dance.

Telephone: +44(0)7527 472 579
Email: info@buteykobreathingonline.com
Web: www.buteykobreathingonline.com & www.buteykoargentina.com


Tom Herron -Buteyko Northern Ireland

Tom Herron has fully qualified as an Asthma Care practitioner, accredited by both Patrick McKeown and the Buteyko Clinic of Moscow. He has a Degree in Psychology and an advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy. He studied under and practiced NLP with Richard Brandler, Michael Breen and Paul McKenna in London. Tom also attained a Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology from the Belfast Institute of Further and Higher Education (BIFHE). Tom has worked with the North Eastern Health Board, Accord Counselling Services and The Wider Trauma Group. Tom is the practitioner for clinics in Castleblaney, Co Monaghan, Dungannon, Co Tyrone and Co Antrim.

Contact Tom at 077 3434 5163

Email: info@tomherronexperience.com

Joel Jelen – Buteyko Liverpool

Joel is a Member of the BPI Management Board. He also has the role of Public Relations Advisor. Joel is Head of Agency at Ubiquity PR which he founded in 2001. Based in Liverpool, UK, Ubiquity enjoys regular interface with national and international media in print, online and broadcast with Ubiquity offering a wellbeing division acting on behalf of health & wellness clients. Ubiquity has delivered extensive PR training including social media strategy and delivery to corporate, SME businesses and community organisations. Their relevant client pedigree includes for example TechoGym, Liverpool Health Partners and All Together Now.

Joel is also the founder of Reset Breathing www.resetbreathing.com and is a pupil (since 1995) of Dr Len McEwan, one of the founding fathers of CHS research & treatment. Joel also completed training in the Buteyko Method with Patrick McKeown. Reset Breathing has delivered workshops to community organisations in Liverpool including Recovery Rises & Genie in the Gutter, one to one consults with private clients and is delivering a series of workshops for corporate entities & SMEs in 2016.

Prior to his PR career, Joel enjoyed success as a regional media freelance writer covering health & lifestyle news and features and also undertook media training at Trinity Mirror in London. At Newcastle University, Joel studied Health Economics producing a highly commended dissertation in 1991 on the Economics of Food Production, a subject enjoying lots of headlines in 2016. One of his main ambitions now is to use more than 25 years of media experience to help bring the Buteyko Breathing Method and Buteyko Professionals International the recognition they deserve via the students, members, fellows and general public that it serves.

Telephone: +44(0)7710 436 125
Email: joel@resetbreathing.com
Web: www.resetbreathing.com
Twitter: @resetbreathing

Mandy Luzar – Buteyko Buckinghamshire

Mandy trained and qualified as a dental hygienist in 1982.

She has worked in both NHS and private dental practice, delivering prevention and education to her clients. She still practices dental hygiene, part time, and is an active member of a charity delivering a dental health awareness programme in rural villages in India.

As recognition of the link between mouth breathing and systemic illness; poor oral posture and craniofacial changes/development grew, Mandy travelled to USA to train as an orofacial myo-functional therapist.

In 2017, Mandy trained as an instructor of Buteyko breathing method with Patrick McKeown.

Mandy offers both group workshops and private training sessions.

Contact telephone: 07732050654

Email: beneficialbreathing@icloud.com

Information Facebook: Beneficial Breathing – Buteyko Method

Shane Morris BA, M.Ost, MBBA, MBPI, CertBBM – Buteyko Essex

Shane’s story with Buteyko began as an asthma sufferer. As a child he was severely affected and required inhalers, steroids and at times nebulisers to keep the worst of the symptoms at bay. At 25 he discovered and rigorously applied the Buteyko Method and hasn’t touched an inhaler or medication since.

As well as teaching Buteyko Shane is also an experienced osteopath specialising in breathing mechanics and dysfunction. He also works with many National and International companies such as BBC, DHL, The Royal Household at Buckingham Palace, Deutsche Bank, National Express and The City of London providing training on injury prevention.

Having experienced the life changing transformative power of Buteyko first hand Shane takes great joy in teaching and sharing the method with others.

Attend a Buteyko Clinic with Shane at:

Wickford Osteopaths
The Forge
Woodlands Road
Wickford, Essex
SS12 0AL
T: 01268 202 207


The Centre
29 High Street
CM17 0DN
T: 01279 438 444

Contact Shane:
E: essexbuteyko@gmail.com
Web: www.essexbuteyko.com


Swami Kriyamurti Saraswati -Buteyko Worthing

Swami Kriyamurti trained in yoga while living 12 years with her guru, Swami Atmananda, disciple of Swami Satyananda Saraswati of Bihar School of Yoga, India. She returned to England and opened Bihar School of Yoga Worthing in 1986, where she runs classes and workshops in yoga and meditation. When Kriya came across the Buteyko Method, she felt inspired to learn about it in depth, for herself and for others, as a path to health. Yoga and Buteyko have much in common: in yoga, the breath has always been considered a significant factor in the development of man, physically and mentally. And the meticulous research conducted by Professor Buteyko into the inefficiency of our breathing habits demonstrates scientifically how breathing impacts positively and negatively on every aspect of our being.

web: www.yogaworthing.com
Tel: +4401903 820525


Ian Sholl – Buteyko North East UK

Ian Sholl was first introduced to the Buteyko Method in 1998, when, while looking to remedy his own chronic condition, he found the book ‘freedom from asthma’ in his local library and went on to take a course with it’s author, Alexander Stalmatski. He more recently trained as a practitioner with Linda Meads and Patrick McKeown in 2009 and is now based in Sunderland in the north east of England.
You can contact Ian via his web site www.asthmacare-northeast.co.uk


Eva Tanner

Eva has become a Buteyko practitioner from a dental hygiene and therapy background. She has worked in private practice since 1997 believing in prevention, education and minimal intervention. There is increasing awareness of the link between habitual mouth breathing and orofacial myofunctional patterns and how they cause craniofacial changes, poor jaw formation and alignment, which can lead to malocclusion of the dentition and temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD). Eva uses both Orofacial Myology and Buteyko breathing techniques to help to improve resting posture and functional patterns of the stomatognathic system.

Email: eva.myodynamics@gmail.com

Julie Wicklow – Buteyko Glasgow

After suffering from COPD, stress and anxiety for a number of years Julie decided to try the Buteyko Breathing Method. Since studying and training with Patrick McKeown in 2011, Julie’s COPD has gone into remission and she has not suffered from stress or anxiety since becoming a Buteyko Practitioner. Julies clinic in Glasgow, Scotland is called Breathing to Heal. Clients have the option of attending her clinic or Julie can travel directly to the client for a one to one consultation.

Web: www.bhwglasgow.com

Upcoming courses in London with Patrick McKeown

Buteyko Clinic Internationalskype-image is one of the busiest Buteyko practices in Europe. Patrick qualified under Dr Buteyko in 2002 and has successfully taught thousands of patients since that time. He has written eight books including The Oxygen Advantage, Asthma Free Naturally, Close Your Mouth, Sleep with Buteyko, Buteyko meets Dr Mew, Anxiety free and ABC to be asthma free.

Click HERE for Upcoming Courses in the UK

Tel: +44 20 7871 9971

Email: info@buteykoclinic.com