The Importance of Carbon Dioxide – By Patrick McKeown

When we take a breath of fresh air into our lungs, oxygen passes from the lungs to the blood where it is picked up and carried through the blood vessels by a molecule called haemoglobin. This oxygen-rich blood is then pumped by the heart throughout the body so that...

What is over-breathing? By Patrick McKeown

Breathing can be measured in two ways: the first is to count the number of breaths per minute; the second is to determine the size of each breath. Normal breathing rate for a grown adult at rest is about twelve breaths per minute, taking in half a litre of air per...

Causes of chronic hyperventilation- By Patrick McKeown

The causes of chronic hyperventilation, which in simple terms means over-breathing or breathing a volume or air greater than bodily requirements, vary from individual to individual but are usually due to environmental factors or lifestyle habits. Often, chronic...
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