The Importance of Carbon Dioxide – By Patrick McKeown

When we take a breath of fresh air into our lungs, oxygen passes from the lungs to the blood where it is picked up and carried through the blood vessels by a molecule called haemoglobin. This oxygen-rich blood is then pumped by the heart throughout the body so that...

Food that Helps, Food that Hurts

  Food guidelines summary:   ✦   Eat only when you feel hungry. ✦   Eat until you feel satisfied. Do not continue to eat because there is food left on your plate. ✦   Eat fruit and vegetables each day. ✦   Eat spices, curries, ginger, garlic, onions and sea salt.  ...

‘Let your food be your medicine’

  Food  plays a large  part  in  our  lives and  so diet  deserves special attention because it is certainly a contributory  factor in causing overbreathing. The Asthma Care programme  is seventy  per  cent  retraining   of  breathing,  fifteen  per  cent regular ...
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