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The Importance of Carbon Dioxide – By Patrick McKeown

When we take a breath of fresh air into our lungs, oxygen passes from the lungs to the blood where it is picked up and carried through the blood vessels by a molecule called haemoglobin. This oxygen-rich blood is then pumped by the heart throughout the body so that...

What is over-breathing? By Patrick McKeown

Breathing can be measured in two ways: the first is to count the number of breaths per minute; the second is to determine the size of each breath. Normal breathing rate for a grown adult at rest is about twelve breaths per minute, taking in half a litre of air per...

Non-Buteyko Breathing Exercises

  There  are many  and  varied breathing  therapies,  plenty of which I have tried, particularly when I was really suffering from my asthma. However, I can honestly say that Buteyko is the  only one  that  has ever produced  lasting  results  for me. There is evidence...

Nasal Breathing … Why all the fuss?

Why is it that nasal breathing can be so much more beneficial to us than mouth breathing? The nose has a number  of features designed to bring cold dry outside air to a more acceptable condition before it enters the lungs.  The mouth,  however,  is  not  intended to...

Your Respiratory System

Before you commence breathing  retraining,  it is important for you to have a basic understanding of the roles played by the respiratory system and carbon dioxide in your body. Your respiratory system consists of the parts of your body used for the delivery of oxygen...

A History of Asthma

There is no universally accepted definition of asthma. The Concise Oxford Dictionary describes it as ‘a disease of respiration characterised by difficult breathing, cough etc.’. Any good medical book will describe it in more technical terms but ‘difficult breathing’ is...
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